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How to make sure social media is social

How do you create a powerful and successful social media strategy?

The most important question being posed by corporate executives and marketing professionals everywhere is this one. Nearly everyone is aware of the influence that a well-thought-out and implemented social media strategy can have. However, far too many businesses continue to fall short of their potential in this crucial sector.

The definition of social media holds the key to its full potential; other media kinds, such display ads or even billboards, are often one-way while social media is social. The key to success is something that appears to be so straightforward.

Examining how to make sure your social media is, well, social.


A Social Policy That Actually Functions

DPT has worked with various clients to develop their effective social media strategies, and as a result, has pinpointed a few factors that significantly influence how well these ads perform.


Set Your Goals

Although it goes without saying that sponsored social strategy has a crucial role to play in any marketing effort, DPT will only be referring to organic social strategy.

You may start establishing your social media plan once you have your goals in place. The two are closely related; for instance, an engagement-driven campaign may prioritise sharing content that taps into emotions, is easy to share, and is likely to elicit a response or start a conversation.


Be Social

Nothing is more depressing than a social media account that is completely automated, and nothing is more refreshing than one that is actually social.

The key to social media, as we've already mentioned, is to keep it social. You don't have to talk only about your company or product; just be yourself. Make jokes and make fun of yourself as well as your rivals without fear.


Add Value

Why should someone care about what you're posting or read it? This harsh-sounding query can be posed to any social network account. But as your content is distributed, it's imperative that you keep asking yourself this question.

Posts with value are more likely to be read and shared, and they can set you apart from the thousands of other businesses whose content people scroll right past or don't even see because they don't see the point in following that account.


Stay On-Platform

There is a distinct "look and feel" to each platform. The one size fits all strategy is not the best choice when it comes to social media. What works for Facebook typically won't work for TikTok, and Twitter and Instagram operate very differently.

In order to prevent customers from having an unsettling experience while dealing with your brand, your social media strategy should be tailored to each network and include material that is appropriate for that platform.



You shouldn't just "fire and forget" when posting. The magic doesn't come right away; it happens when people interact with your message.

posing queries, making comments, and sharing. To participate in those discussions and demonstrate your interest in users' both positive and negative feedback, you need be there.


Be Consistent

Instead of overly diluting your platform, stay on theme and don't be scared to pick a strong selling point and drive that continually. The voice and tone of your account, which convey consistency most effectively, should be reinforced by on-brand, on-platform images and videos.


Crafting Your Winning Social Media Campaigns

You will achieve social media success if you have these components in place: strategically established goals that you are evaluating yourself against, a "social" social strategy, adding value, remaining on-platform, posting interesting material, and being consistent.

And once it gets going, momentum guarantees that it will continue to develop.


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